Why it began

Dear friends,

Kindness and simplicity never go out of style.

It may be the 21st Century, but sitting on the front porch, waving at neighbors as they pass, doing unto others and taking pride in our little town is still commonplace in Cleveland. But it isn’t just something that happens — it is a way of life that is chosen and needs to be curated.

However, with the pace of life quickly accelerating, it seems like making time for our “Mayberry” has become increasingly more difficult. Our community, like others across America, gradually has begun to suffer.

That’s why The Mayberry Foundation was created. We want to help recapture the Cleveland spirit by encouraging community pride through volunteerism, social activities and historical preservation. It is our goal to spark that “remember when” conversation and help turn the glory days back into a reality again.1911274_10151892972611401_666668815_o

In order to hold on to all the positives, we each have to decide to make an investment. A community is a collective asset. We have to foster the environment we love in order for it to bloom, or it will wither. It’s often said, “Somebody needs to do something…” Truth is, we all are “somebody,” and there are plenty of somethings to do.

We believe that together, with an organized effort, we can concentrate on service projects that will benefit Cleveland in numerous ways, all while leaving an old impression of a new kind.

The hearts of the citizens are still strong, and the aura of the “old days” is still around. We just want to give it some fresh air to make sure it sticks around for years to come.

It’s not an exaggeration: If the “Mayberry” mentality skips a generation, we risk losing it forever. It is our biggest hope that we can inspire Clevelandites of all ages to become involved in our plan, one we think will safeguard our slice of heaven and make those who came before us proud. We want them to know they didn’t do all this work for naught. Their legacies of kindness and love for community will be passed on through The Mayberry Foundation. And it will make the future sweeter for our loved ones.

We hope you’ll join the mission by:

Because it’s going to take all of us.  After all, a small town is just a large family.

One of Cleveland’s town founders, Col. John W. Jordan, was a Cherokee settler who refused to allow anyone to steal his land or his spirit. He stood his ground and won the fight. Because of his tenacity, Cleveland is what it is today.  Now, a new generation of Jordan Valley folks need to rise up to protect our hometown’s roots.

Let’s put our heads together, open our hearts and defend the best hometown on Earth. Because if we don’t… who will?


Brandi Ball
Founder, The Mayberry Foundation, Inc.

P.S. To read more about our inspiration for starting the foundation and its naming, click here to read this column I wrote in the Cleveland American. It served as tribute to television’s Mayberry and to the town that raised me… my Mayberry.