Neighborhood Night Out 2013


For its first social event, The Mayberry Foundation has declared Saturday, Aug. 24 as “Neighborhood Night Out,” and neighborhoods are encouraged to have block parties across the Cleveland area any time between 4-8 p.m.

  1. If you wish to have a party in your neighborhood, you MUST register your location below.
  2. After your party is registered, simply print off this flier, write in the details for your party in the white space, and stick it in your all of neighbors’ mailboxes or on their front doors.

The beauty of Neighborhood Night Out is that block parties are low maintenance, easy to organize, and promote a sense of belonging. If you socialize for just a couple hours under a shade tree with your neighbors, you find out more about each other, and in turn, want to help and care for each other on a bigger level.

That’s the essence of what this foundation is about.

To add to the camaraderie, Cleveland Fire Chief Ryan Murray said, barring any unforeseen emergencies, firefighters will take around an engine to participating neighborhoods in the city limits so children can climb aboard and take photos.

It’s just one Saturday set aside for us to slow down our lives and engage each other. Life is passing us by, speeding up every year. But we each have the power to take a time out and remember what’s important. We know family is a priority. But a small town is just a large family.

There are no real rules to planning your own party for Neighborhood Night Out. If you are in the city limits, we simply ask that you NOT block or barricade streets without requesting permission from City Hall. City officials said they will need to make sure your street can be blocked off safely and IF so, they can help with lightweight barricades that can be moved in an emergency situation.

Make it a simple affair or routine potluck. Or use your imagination and incorporate fun elements like a touch football game or hot dog eating contest or a daddy tricycle relay. Most of all, fellowship, engage and communicate with your community. And have fun!

Cleveland native Dustin Chadwell and his band “The Plainsmen” are ready to play a private concert at your “block party.” If you register by Aug. 22 at 6 p.m. (scroll down), your party is entered into a random drawing to win the concert. But, if you register by the early deadline of Aug. 15, your party is entered with THREE CHANCES to win the concert.

Only one person can register each neighborhood. There is no fee to register. You do *not* have to be inside the city limits to win the concert, but you do have to be located within the Cleveland school district.

The giveaway has been made possible through The Mayberry Foundation by some great hometown small businesses: Darlin’ Doodads, Kelso’s Shellac Nails, Dream Skeems and Hair Junkies.

Check back for samples of music by The Plainsmen later in the week. The band has folk rock and blues influences. It’s the perfect sound for a neighborly small-town get together.

Print your fliers by clicking here.

Neighborhood Party Recipe: Hot Dogs For A Crowd

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