Junior Ambassador Program

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The Mayberry Foundation believes that kindness toward others and pride in one’s roots is the basis for our town’s prosperous future. It’s what we’re focused on, and we feel strongly the two things are intertwined and can protect our small-town lifestyle.

Our mission is to engage people in the wonder of their Pawnee County heritage. People are drawn closer to a place when they understand more about it. Knowledge about history breeds caring about the present and the future.

Bottom line? When you care about a place, you also care about its people.  A connection to one’s hometown begins at a young age, and we want to cultivate it in the hearts of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Mayberry Foundation’s Junior Ambassadors are young people seizing the opportunity to be stewards of Cleveland, Oklahoma. As part of the program, they will develop leadership skills and life skills while serving as representatives of our nonprofit organization.

It is our greatest hope that this group of high school students will inspire others to be in awe of their roots and, in turn, cultivate within them a sense of belonging. We’ve said it before many times: A small town is just a large family.

Junior Ambassadors will:

  • Encourage their high school peers to be participants in the community by taking part in projects of The Mayberry Foundation. 
  • Mentor young children by passing along bits of Cleveland history through fun, interactive projects and establishing a friendship/kindness/service program that teaches children to take care of each other and their surroundings. We want younger kids to see how the older kids have pride in their hometown and in their school and everything that goes along with living in Cleveland. We want the little eyes to see it’s cool to care and it’s cool to be nice and  it’s cool to belong to a great community and it’s cool to learn history.

The general idea is for our high school ambassadors to be the bridge between the present and the future.

The inaugural group of junior ambassadors was appointed by foundation leaders and members served as volunteers in the program from Spring 2014-Spring 2015. They turned in volunteer hours for several Mayberry Foundation efforts last year, including: Summer movie series and the “Get a Buck rally” — manning the concession stand and helping with set up and clean up; Main Street window spirit painting; Pioneer Day fundraising booth; Coats 4 Kids; Uptown Cruise; helping elementary school students make Christmas cards for veterans; The Honor Walk in memory of veterans and placing of Memorial Day Honor Flags.


From spring 2015 forward, open JA spots will be subject to an application process for all high school students. Freshmen are required to provide a teacher recommendation letter, along with what is requested on the application form.

To apply for 2016-17, click here for the three forms
you need. Print them off, fill them out and return them to the CHS counselor’s office:


Introduction letter

Application form for 2015-16

Parent permission form

As with any leadership program, students will apply, then a committee (TMF board members, community members and teachers) will nominate a certain number of applicants to participate. Students who previously have served in the program need only to return the permission sheet.


TMF Junior Ambassador Program 2014-15

Taylor Spears, Chair
Victorya Sizemore
Casey Buller
Eric Reeves
Rachel Hiatt
Sydney Molster
Jasper Woodrell
Regan Miller
Claudia Dekker
Wyatt Compton
Timberlyn Gruenwald
Amber Smith
Journey Douglas


TMF Junior Ambassador Program 2015-16

Jasper Woodrell, Chair
Allie Kesner
Wyatt Compton
Sydney Molster
Payton Fack
Journey Douglas
Jaren Ward
Claudia Dekker
Madison Dekker
Mykaela Watkins
Lexi Pickerill
Cheyenne Bartling
Mallory Cowen
Amber Smith
Caleb O’Neal
Zack Hall
Veronika Jones
Memory Merriman
Jenna Siler
Sarah McEntire
Alecia Hall
Breyana Estep