What we do

The Mayberry Foundation has three areas of focus:

  1. Historical preservation
  2. Volunteerism/community outreach
  3. Social events

We have long-term goals and big ideas. But we also know that we have to work from the ground up and start small (and cheap) in order to build toward success.
Below is listed one project in each category of focus. These are just our inaugural kick-off projects. With a positive reception and enthusiastic volunteers, we can start tackling more things on our to-do list.

Keep checking back for new projects. You can also keep up with our projects on Facebook.


Community outreach

House Calls
once a month

Nominate someone NOW to receive a “House Call” from The Mayberry Foundation of Cleveland.

Tell us, in your words, why a particular person or family deserves special recognition. Maybe it’s because they are always smiling. Maybe it’s because they do random, sometimes secret, things for others. Maybe it’s because they’ve been sick or struggling and could use a pick-me-up. Maybe it’s because their children are well-mannered and respectful, or that they take seriously their job as a teacher or public worker or business owner. Maybe it’s because of something in particular they accomplished. Maybe it’s just because you know they love Cleveland and are an asset to us all.

It can be anything. Tell us what makes your nominee a great ambassador of Cleveland. We will pick a name each month. Those people will receive a House Call from someone at the foundation. We’ll leave a little care package, along with a thank you card explaining why someone thinks they are special to our town.

There are many great people in Cleveland who do great things.

And sometimes, great things are even simple things.

Saying thank you is just as important.

Email: info@mayberryfoundation.com with your nomination. Please tell us in at least four sentences why your nominee is deserving. You can make the entry as long as you’d like.


Historical preservation

“The Old Home Place”
Recurring historical series in the newspaper.

The Cleveland American has agreed to sponsor a section in the paper (possibly monthly) that will be written on behalf of The Mayberry Foundation. This will be three-fold: It will keep the foundation’s name and goals out in the public; it will encourage others to appreciate history; and it will provide extended historical record for the community.

One of the main goals of the foundation is to retain history and retell it and preserve it. There are a number of people who have been “curating” Cleveland for years. Now comes the time when a new generation must do so and continue the proud tradition.

We come from an amazing place, and pride comes from knowledge. Perhaps it could help people feel more connected to their roots and more protective of them if they are aware of how the community has evolved over the past 100+ years.

  • Take an old story from the paper’s archives and give it a fresh angle.
  • Tell about people and places in our area. Profile settlers, geography, commerce, town founders and places. It also can be beneficial to local history teachers and students.
  • Endless possibilities.

We ask that you read faithfully, encourage your children to read, and send in story suggestions.


Community outreach

Main Street window painting
Annually since 2013

It’s been a few years, but for decades and decades, painted-up windows was a standard in Cleveland during football season. Everyone always says, “We need to bring that back.”
So, we’re helping bringing it back. It’s as easy as making the decision to show up. A few hours of work, adults and kids working together and a lot of camaraderie make for a great community project.
What’s great about having pride in the local school system is that you are having hope in our town’s future. Something as simple as painting some windows can show kids there is a support system in place and that people in our community care, which may make them decide to “come home” to raise their own families one day. Tiger Pride isn’t just about football or basketball or volleyball… it’s about COMMUNITY… it’s about Cleveland as a whole. Let’s show people who drive through our town that we are proud of our Tiger Country heritage.



Fall 2013: Neighborhood Night Out
Aug. 24, 2013 –

One Saturday set aside to encourage the Cleveland area to have “block parties” within their neighborhoods. Block parties can increase the sense of belonging. They also can help people meet new neighbors they may not know and allow folks to spend an hour or two visiting with longtime neighbors. Knowing your neighbors on a friendly level is important to keeping the street and children who live there safer. When you know your neighbors, it’s also easier to spot suspicious activity or offer a helping hand when someone is sick or in need, set up play dates for kids, car pools to work, etc. All of those things only make your neighborhood a better place.

To register your neighborhood to participate on Saturday, Aug. 24, and to print fliers to stick in mailboxes in your neighborhood, please click here.


Community outreach

Coats 4 Kids
Annually since 2013

With cold weather approaching, The Mayberry Foundation would like to help provide a basic need for children in the community: A winter coat.

Coats 4 Kids will allow Cleveland Public Schools students to bring new or used coats to school and donate in their classrooms.

Parents will receive automated calls from the schools and students will be sent home with letters explaining the program and how parents can request a coat for their family. There are no requirements to receive a coat; parents simply have to request one, provide the size needed and return the confidential form to the school. You must have filled out a form to receive a coat.

The drive for coats will last from Oct. 1-Oct. 31.  The 2015 distribution day will be on Nov. 19 at your child’s school. Since 2013, TMF has given nearly 300 coats to students with the help of generous donors.


Community outreach

Second Saturdays
May-August 2014

We are thrilled to announce The Mayberry Foundation will be hosting “Second Saturdays,” an outdoor movie series in 2014. Whether you are looking for a date idea, a family activity, or a way to reminisce about packing a convertible with friends at a drive-in, Second Saturdays will offer it all.

Learn more about Second Saturdays by clicking here.

The movies will be shown — you guessed it — on the second Saturday of each month from May-August. Gates will open at 7 p.m., and shows will begin at dark, under the stars and will be projected on a large screen staged at the Cleveland High School track on Gilbert Street. You can bring lawn chairs and blankets, and you will have a football-field length of grass to enjoy the films. The event is free, but there will be a donation bucket at the gate if you want to help the films continue. We’ll also have sno cones, fresh popcorn, hot dogs and select candy in our concession stand. All proceeds go to our ongoing community service efforts in Cleveland.


Historical preservation

“Get A Buck” Pep Rally
Annually since 2014

It’s the longest continuous historical event of any kind that Cleveland participates in., and some have six generations of family who have suited up for the Cleveland-Hominy football game.

The citywide rally will serve as a Saturday night official kick off to rivalry week as the Cleveland Tigers will face the Hominy Bucks on the following Thursday. The two schools have battled each other in football every season since 1922, making it the longest running rivalry in the state of Oklahoma. The Cleveland-Hominy game is a part of all of us — it’s basically our common ground and unites us in a lot of ways as a hometown identity.

There will be plenty of fun for all, including food trucks, a community pep rally with the CHS cheerleaders, the football team and the Tiger Pride Marching Band, then the night will be topped off with an outdoor showing of “Remember the Titans,” an inspirational football favorite.

Trucks will begin selling food at 6:30 p.m., and the rally will begin at 8 p.m. The movie will follow.

KOTV Channel 6 reporter Tess Maune, the Cleveland Fire Department and Tigers past will make special appearances.

Bring lawn chairs, noisemakers, wear your best spirit gear, paint your faces and get ready to usher in the season and cheer for an extended winning streak over the archival Bucks.


Historical preservation

Memorial Day Honor Flags
Annually since 2015

Through the generosity of program donors, heads up the Memorial Day Honor Flags project. American flags are placed on the graves of veterans buried at Cleveland’s Woodland Cemetery for Memorial Day Weekend. The foundation’s junior ambassador program, with the help of community volunteers, spend hours placing the flags near headstones ahead of family visits for the holiday. The high school students learn about the importance of honoring Cleveland’s warriors, flag etiquette and the history of their community ancestors. There are about 1,000 veterans from the Civil War Era on buried in Woodland. The foundation also hosts the Honor Walk, a 4.3-mile walk the students take from the Cleveland Area War Veterans Memorial at Feyodi Park to the cemetery earlier in the spring. To honor living veterans, TMF hosts “Great American Christmas,” which is an after-school craft day for elementary students. The high school students in our group help the younger kids make cards for hospitalized vets. About 200 handmade cards are delivered to the VA each year.


Social/Historical preservation

Uptown Cruise Night
Annually since 2015

Our motto is “Take Back the Night,” where we hope folks will congregate and drag Main Street like they did as teenagers. Dragging Main in Cleveland was a right-of-passage for teens from the 1940s to the early 2000s. The Uptown Cruise is a way to keep that tradition alive. Hot rods, classics, and beat-up Trans Ams… doesn’t matter what your wheels are. Come show them off and make the small-town streets hop after dark, just like was tradition in high school. Live music and an outdoor movie also are a part of the night’s activities. Read more here.



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