• Neighborhood Party Recipe: Hot Dogs For A Crowd


    FNM_070110-FC-Hot-Dogs-015_s4x3_lgIs your street gathering for Neighborhood Night Out? Want a quick, cheap solution to feeding the masses? Below is a hot dog innovation that may CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

    Also, if you haven’t registered your neighborhood for the event, please click here. It’s free to register and it’s important we know your whereabouts so we can send the fire trucks to visit the children… and so you’ll be entered to win a private concert by The Plainsmen!

    NNO is Saturday, Aug. 24, so get your rears in gear!

    Hot dogs for a crowd

    Who doesn’t want hot dogs like the ones they serve at the movies and ball parks? Here’s a super easy way to do it. Sure, everybody loves grilled dogs, but this is a way to skip the “slaving over the 400-billion degree fire” part and still enjoy one of the greatest meals in America.

    • 6-quart slow cooker
    • 60 hot dogs (or less if you prefer)
    • buns
    • fixins’


    Stand hot dogs on end if you’re trying to cram in 60. If using less, you can just dump them in. There’s no need to add water.

    This is for two reasons:

    1.) The hot dogs will release moisture all on their own

    2.) If the hot dogs hang out in hot water for too long, they’ll end up splitting on you.

    Cover. Cook on low for 4 hours or on high for about 2 hours.

    Check to make sure the dogs in the middle are hot before serving.

    Serve with tongs into buns and top with desired fixins’.

    Your dogs can stay on the “warm” setting for a long time. Note: If your pot has a hot spot, the ones on the edge will get a little crispy and blackened.


    If you want to get creative with your fixins’, know that there is hardly a condiment on this planet that doesn’t go with a hot dog. Click here for 30 Ways To Top A Hot Dog




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