• Ways you can give to The Mayberry Foundation of Cleveland

    photo(41)With the click of a button, you can gift whatever amount you wish to help fuel projects that are key to protecting our town and the spirit it was founded upon.

    Some ideas take little money, just manpower. Other ideas take funds to power them.

    We are just getting started, but we have big plans for our community and we hope to be around for generations to come. Every group has to start somewhere, and we hope that your confidence in The Mayberry Foundation will grow and move you to support us monetarily. No amount is too small and every single donation will be met with endless appreciation.

    The TMF staff is all volunteer, and no one draws a salary, so every bit of your contribution will circulate back into Cleveland.

    If you have any futher questions, email us at info@mayberryfoundation.com. You also can read our FAQ or you can read about projects we already have tackled in just our first two years of existence.

    We don’t take lightly the responsibility of accepting donations. We know you work hard for every cent, and we want to make sure that 100 percent of your generosity is put into the community for projects our volunteers will pour their hearts into.

    Thank you for considering to give of your blessings.  

    To donate online with a credit/debit card or electronic check, click the “donate” button to connect to our secure server:

    To mail your contribution, send to:

    The Mayberry Foundation
    P.O. Box 176
    Cleveland, OK 74020

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