• Volunteer with us


    For many decades, Cleveland citizens have been pitching in and lending helping hands. But we’d like to take it to the next level: By creating an active pool of volunteers, we can mobilize and organize folks to maximize the potential.

    Why give or volunteer within your community?

    •  To make your present community richer and more vibrant
    •  To address needs and issues that are neglected
    •  To enhance the quality of life in your community
    •  To benefit friends, fellow citizens, your family’s future home

    Why give or volunteer with The Mayberry Foundation?

    • We are a local organization with leaders who have deep roots in the community.
    • Our leaders have broad expertise regarding community issues.
    • We facilitate partnerships among businesses and citizens to meet evolving community needs.
    • We work toward measurable improvement through strategic activities that encourage the practice of the arts, literacy, community development and volunteerism, education, health, social services and other areas of interest.
    • We serve as a catalyst for community involvement.
    • We preserve the principles established by town founders, past city leaders and residents who worked tirelessly for Cleveland to be recognized as a small-town gem that boasts quality family living.
    • We promote philanthropy at all levels of giving.
    • We are a community leader, coordinating resources to create positive change.

    If you’d like to add your name to our pool, please fill out the following information.

    We’ll make sure you are kept abreast of all Mayberry Foundation projects, then you can choose ones that fit your schedule.

    A community foundation is only as strong as its volunteer force. Even if you can only help one or two days a year, please join our army.

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